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"Society & Sustainability"
Professor: Dr. Miguel Karian

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Below are links to additional online resources associated with this course. Interactive web sites compliment associated course activities. Also see the Sustainable Living links page.

Bainbridge, D. 2009. Reb uilding the American Economy with true cost accounting. Online Text. Available at:

Balakrishna, P. & Warner, E. 2003. Sustainable Development Goals & Trade. Sri Lanka : The World Conservation Union (IUCN). Available at:

Esty, D. C., Levy, M., Srebotnjak, T. & Sherbinin, A. 2005. E nvironmental Sustainability Index: Benchmarking National Environmental Stewardship . New Haven : Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Available at:

Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Amsterdam. 2010. SustainabilityA-Test. Available at:

László, P., Peter Hardi, P., & Bartelmus, P. 2005. Sustainable Development Indicators: Proposals for a Way Forward. Winnipeg : International Institute for Sustainable Development. Available at:

Mohally Renk, B. 2005. "Give it Your All" The Fair Trade Zone: Becoming the World's First Worker Owner Free-Trade Zone . Managua : Center for Development in Central America . Available at:

National Strategies for Sustainable Development. 2004. Costa Rica Case Study . Winnepeg: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). Available at:

North Central Regionjal Center for Rural Development. 1999. Measuring Community Success and Sustainability: An interactive Workbook. Iowa State University . Available at:

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 2001. Strategies for Sustainable Development: Practical Guidance for Development Co-operation . Available at:

Redefining Progress & Earth Day Network. Ecological Footprint Quiz . Interactive Footprint Calculator. Available at:

Talberth, J., Clifford, C., & Slattery, N. 2006. The Genuine Progress Indicator: A Tool for Sustainable Development. Oakland , CA : Redefining Progress. Available at:

United Nations Environment Programme. 2002. Global Environment Outlook 3 . Available at:

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