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"Applied Sustainability" Course Materials
Professor: Dr. Miguel Karian

Online Resources
Below are links to additional online resources associated with this course by field site location.

Reference Materials
North Central Regional Center for Rural Development. 1999. Measuring Community Success and Sustainability: An Interactive Workbook . Ames, Iowa: North Central Regional Center for Rural Development. Available at:

1. La Fortuna Field Trip
San Lorenzo Hydro Plant centrales-hidroelectricas/ central-hidroelectrica-san- lorenzo/

Mistico Park Reserve: Environmental conservation & ecotourism

La Catarata Ecolodge & Community Sustainable Development Organization

Medicinal Plant Garden/Rural farm: Sust Agriculture. No web site, but lady belongs to GEMA woman's group.

2. Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve
Background information available at:

3. Nicaragua
Eolo Wind Farm: http://www. en/projects/ nicaragua /eolo. html

La Granadilla :

Mariposa Group Study Centre :

Eco-Hotel La Mariposa : http://mariposaspanishschool. com/

Center for Development in Central America/Jubilee House Community:

Mohally Renk, B. 2005. "Give it Your All" The Fair Trade Zone: Becoming the World's First Worker Owner Free-Trade Zone . Managua : Center for Development in Central America . Available at:





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