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Central America Travel Guides
A variety of on-line travel guides are available for Central America. Some of them are provided here in order assist participants in learning about the region prior to arrival.


Lonely Planet
Alfa Travel Guide
Rough Guides
Travel Notes

Top of page Costa Rica Links    
Because Costa Rica is an extremely popular tourist destination (tourism is the second-largest income earner for the country), there is a bewildering amount of travel and other information available. We have complied a representative sample here which provides participants with the tools to begin (or continue) learning about the country. Local resources and travel tips related to sustainability are also available on the Sustainable Living page.


General Information
Tourism Institute (ICT)

Costa Rica Web
Costa Rica Travel Map


Online News
Tico Times
A.M. Costa Rica
Costa Rica Star
La Nación (Spanish)
Semanario Universidad
(Univ. of C.R., Spanish)


Travel & Tourism
Visit Costa Rica (offfical site)
Passports & Visas
Costa Rica Map
Hotel Listings
Naturally Costa Rica
Anywhere Costa Rica
Online Bus Schedule

Bus & Ferry Itineraries (pdf)
Interbus (door to door shuttle service)


Weather & Climate
Current Costa Rica Weather
City by City Weather Forecast
Costa Rica's Climate
San Ramón Weather


History, Culture & Geography
A Brief History of Costa Rica
Geographia: History & Culture
Hartford: History
InfoPlease: Geog. & History




Top of page Nicaragua Links    
To the north of Costa Rica is Nicaragua, a country we typically visit during field study during semester programs. Although the country is very poor economically, it is extremely rich in culture. Now enjoying over 20 years of peace since the revolution, this country is quickly becoming a tourist destination. It also abounds with unique opportunities to explore the history of the region and challenges of development. To learn more about Nicaragua, explore the following links:


Destination Nicaragua

Experience Nicaragua
Nicaragua Web Guide

Lonely Planet: Nicaragua
TravelNet Information
Nicaragua Information Search
Univ. of Texas: Nicaragua Info.

Top of page Panama Links    
Panama lies just to the south of Costa Rica. Perhaps best known for the Panama Canal, this country has many other treasures to explore. The closest and thus most commonly visited region for people originating travel from Costa Rica is Bocas del Toro. This island archipelago, centered around Isla Colón (the most important island), abounds with recreational and tourist activities while still maintaining the charm of its Afro-Caribbean culture. The location is a common destination for participants on semester programs. Browse the following links to learn more about the country.

  Explore Panama
Panama Country Guide
Focus on Panama Guide
All Around Panama
Travelers Point Travel Guide Panama
Panama Tours Magazine
Mother Earth Travel: Panama

Top of page Health & Safety Links    
Below are links providing important information related to health and safety in the region.


World Health Organization:International Travel & Health
World Health Organization: Costa Rica
U.S. Center for Disease Control: Traveler's Health
U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Costa Rica
SAFETI Pre-Departure Health Training Handbook (Peace Corps)
U.S. Department of State Public Announcement: Worldwide Caution
Foreign Embassies & Consulates in Costa Rica

Top of page Travel Resources  
Below are links to assist participants in planning international travel to Costa Rica.


Environmental Tips For Travelers
STA Travel (EEI Travel Partner)
International Student Identity Card
We also highly recommend joining the Green Passport program

Top of page Other Links    
Below are reciporcal links to other recommended organizations.

  Abroad Scout - Find the right study abroad programs, international internships, information, and resources.
101 Site Hosting - Everything you need to get your site on the web in less than an hour, while having 'gone green'.

.In Country Info Top of Page Sustainable Living.

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