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Sustainable Living Resources
Local Resources

"You must BE the change you
wish to see in the world"
-Mahatma Gandhi

Top of page Local Resources      
Included here are sustainability documents and resources internal to Earth Education International operations, as well as general Costa Rica resources. For general travel information, also see the Travel Links page.

Internal EEI Resources

EEI Sustainability Assessment Inventory
(Word document)

EEI 'Carbon & Community' program

Costa Rica/Regional Resources

Pura Verde: Costa Rica
Green Sources

Costa Rica Sustainable
Tourism Board

Camino Sostenible (Spanish)

Top of page Sustainable Living Guides      
The following web sites provide a multitude of suggestions & advice on how to take action in making your life more sustainable and rewarding while reducing your impact on the Earth.

Sustainable Living Network

Sustainable Living Guide

New American Dream

Natural Strategies Group

Sustainable Stuff

How to Be Sustainable in College

Eight Ways to Reduce Waste

Eartheasy: Ideas for Sustainable Living

Sustainable Communities Network

Going Green At School: A Guide to Sustainability

Environmental Defense: How You Can Help

45 Sustainability Resources

Top of page Sustainability Tools      
Below are a variety of tools that can be used to become more informed about sustainable life-choices through self-evaluation.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Office Footprint Calculator

Online Paper Impact Calculator

EPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

Personal Carbon Calculator
(North America)

Footprint of Nations (Worldwide)

Kids Footprint (for Children)

Top of page Written Materials      
The written materials available at the following web sites will provide you with a starting point for learning more about how to live more sustainably.

Yes! Positive Futures Network

Lighter Footstep

Alternatives Journal

Natural Life Magazine



Home Power

Solar Today

AASHE: Sustainability in
Education Archives

Top of page Organizations & Other Resources      
Below are links to some of many other organizations involved in outreach, education, research, and promotion of sustainability.

Global Footprint Network

Rocky Mountain Institute

WorldWatch Institute

Institute for Earth Education

Union of Concerned Scientists

American Hydrogen Association

Northwest Earth Institute
Sustainable Living Resources

Awakening Earth

Solar Living Institute

Foundation for Global Community

Green/Solar Living Resources

Green Cross International

Green Building Sherpa

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